Millions of people are counting on you. This responsibility comes with challenges that challenge you in terms of production, distribution and delivery linked to greater productivity, while having to meet ever more stringent environmental objectives. We have the expertise to help you solve any problems you may encounter, helping you find the right integrated lubrication solutions to minimize downtime, extend operational life and keep you. help meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In Mining, productivity is paramount

Running large-scale operations requires reliable and efficient equipment. Underground or above, it’s vital that you make the most of your machinery, so that you can increase productivity and drive operating costs down.
That’s how Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to work – its new and most advanced cleaning formula1 helps provide better fuel economy and more load-pulling power when you need it.

New technology for engine efficiency

Evolving and more precise diesel engine technologies require even better control on injector deposits in order to minimise efficiency losses.
That’s why Shell FuelSave Diesel has been specially formulated with DYNAFLEX Technology – our new and exclusive dual detergent technology. It’s designed to help clean the engine of injector deposits to provide better fuel economy, and it works in both newer and older engine technologies.

1.More Torque

Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to improve engine efficiency and give you more load-pulling power on site.

2.Vehicle reliability

Improved fuel stability: Shell FuelSave Diesel can help you use fuels with bio components and reduce risk of fuel degradation and sludge build-up, therefore helping improve equipment reliability.

3.Better fuel economy

New clean-up effect: Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to help provide better fuel economy and therefore help reduce your fuel and operating costs by helping clean the engine of injector deposits and prevent further build-up.

What experts say

Shell FuelSave Diesel meets the Worldwide Fuel Charter requirements for LESS THAN 2% POWER LOSS associated with injector cleanliness.