Packshot Shell Helix Ultra 0W-30


The only oil used by Ferrari, Shell Helix Ultra offers all the benefits of Shell Helix HX8 Synthetic. In addition, this product offers:

  • Engine protection that no other motor oil can surpass
  • Suitability for even the longest manufacturer-recommended oildrain intervals.

If you drive a luxury, sport or high-performance vehicle with the most advanced engine in any driving conditions including:

  • Congested traffic for long periods or for short journeys
  • Often forgetting to change your oil at the recommended intervals.

Shell Helix Ultra 0W-30 provides:

  • Unsurpassed sludge protection – no other motor oil can keep your engine closer to factory clean 1
  • Low viscosity and low friction characteristics for up to 2.2% greater fuel economy 2
  • No loss of engine power or fuel economy even after 100,000 km 3
  • Easier cold starting 4
  • For gasoline, diesel and gas engines; also suitable for biodiesel and gasoline/ethanol blends


Specifications: API SL/CF; ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4; MB approval 229.5, 226.5; Renault RN0700, RN0710; VW 502.00/505.00

1 Based on Sequence VG sludge test results using 0W-40

2 Based on ACEA M 111 fuel economy results compared with the industry reference oil

3 Based on data from a field test of 100,000-km duration

4 Compared with higher-viscosity oils