Most of our stores offer 24 hours, seven days a week shopping convenience. They cater for those who are looking for a good quality offering and convenience.

The atmosphere within our shops is much in line with the service you receive when visiting any of our vast network of stores across the country.

Our shops offer an array of confectionary and cool-drinks, freshly made sandwiches, salads and specialty breads. In addition, we have local food offers across most of our outlets that will meet your needs for fresh and local home cooked meals.

We also carry a range of standard grocery items, supplied by leading brands to guarantee you fresh, quality products.

Watch out for our monthly promotions for great discounted deals on selected items.

SPAR Express, in partnership with Shell, combines the value and quality you trust from SPAR with forecourt convenience shopping. Stocked with a full range of products, our customers can pick up those last minute holiday items or shop for dinner on the way home and fill up the tank at the same time. First launched at Windhoek Fuel Centre Shell, in Klein Windhoek in 2018, this partnersip has proven to add great convenience, service and fresh products to our customers.


Vivo Energy Namibia has explored and understands the various shopping needs for both motorists and non-motorists.

Along with our uniquely crafted shop offers, consumers can enjoy added road-tripping essentials from our exclusive bakeries, such as toasted sandwiches, cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, pastries and muffins which are loved and admired by locals and beyond. In addition, we offer all of coffee and espresso products made to perfection. Our bakeries provide freshly prepared bakery and pastry products at all times. Our products are prepared during the day to ensure fresh baked goods are always available.

Refresh for your journey ahead with our wide range of freshly made snacks plus hot and cold drinks.

King Pie

Every brand has a story to tell! The King Pie story is a special one, a story steeped in rich history and South African heritage. For the past 25 years, King Pie has pie-o-neered and delivered world-class pies to loyal fans, becoming a brand that have come to know and love. Offering a wide range of tasty and flavor-packed local pies. King Pie has been rolled out at 12 Shell Sites in Namibia. This unique bakery allows customers the opportunity to witness and taste honest-to-goodness quality with no surprises, using only the best ingredients, pies were baked daily. See the site locator to find a King Pie outlet at your nearest Shell today!

Quick Service Restaurants

Chicken Inn & Pizza Inn

Vivo Energy Namibia has now launched these unique Simbisa brands at selected Shell sites in 2015. We currently boast 7 Chicken Inn and 6 Pizza Inn outlets countrywide, offering Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn. Chicken Inn is one of the leading quick service restaurants in Southern Africa. Chicken Inn is famous for fried chicken and renowned for serving tasty fresh chicken and a wide range of other menu items including hand-cut chips made fresh daily.

Chicken Inn’s broad menu allows it to offer value for money, catering for the individual as well as the whole family.

Chicken Inn prides itself on using only A-grade chicken and premium spices to create the unique fried chicken on the bone we are famous for.

Spur Grill & Go

The road to happiness is ... Spur Grill & Go. The perfect stop for a much-deserved break! It’s the food of heroes: Ribs, Burgers & Wings, all day breakfast and the mightiest of shakes! The ultimate fuel for those long "taste for life" road trips.

The on-the-go Spur spin-off concept was launched in December 2015 to service the growing need for convenient fast-casual dining and takeaway.

Vivo Energy Namibia launched the first ever Grill & Go for Namibia in 2019, located at Mariental Shell. Spur Grill & Go remains firmly rooted in the Spur

Steak Ranches quality family positioning and continues to offer that great Spur taste through a smaller, bespoke menu and efficient counter service model within a fresh and trendy, new-look restaurant environment. Now travelers can make Spur part of their journeys, and enjoy a great-tasting quality meal on the go or sit-down and take a well-deserved break in a comfortable space.

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