Sustainability is integrated across Shell globally, on three levels:

  •  in our operations: by running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business;
  •  for customers: by helping to shape a more sustainable energy future; and
  • ·with communities and wider society: by making a positive contribution.

In Namibia, this means integrating sustainability both in our offshore exploration venture and, through our licensee Vivo Energy Namibia, in the marketing and distribution of Shell-branded fuels and lubricants. It means paying particular attention to areas such as safety, the environment and local communities, and working with the Government and university students to enhance Namibia’s oil and gas capacity.

In this section


Keeping employees and contractors safe is our top priority 


We carefully minimise the potential environmental impacts of our activities 


Investing in local communities and wider society

Enhancing Oil and Gas Capacity

Helping to enhance Namibia’s oil and gas capacity