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Windhoek City was a hype of activity on the morning of the launch of Vivo Energy Namibia's New Shell FuelSave Diesel as more than 200 Tertiary Students from the University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) descended on the Country Club Resort and Casino, where a specially set up Science Booth was the main attraction.​

The booth presented a fitting platform for students to engage Shell Scientist, Henrick Wilckens - one of a number of scientists behind the DYNAFLEX Technology, the name of Shell's latest generation fuel formulations for Shell V-Power unleaded and diesel fuels, designed to help clean and protect motor vehicle engines.

The students, mostly 3rd, 4th year and graduate students  from Namibia's two largest tertiary institutions were selected by their respective Science faculties and represented various prospective careers in the areas of Mining, Civil and Electrical Engineering as well as BioTechnology. The session was organized as an out-of-the classroom experience where students had an opportunity to learn about the complex blends in the new formulations that Shell has designed. The interactive information session also enabled students to obtain a first-hand crash course on the fuels development and testing process that the more than 170 Shell Fuels Scientists conduct. 

students at dynaflex launch

Students received an overview of DYNAFLEX Technology and how it is formulated in the New Shell FuelSave Diesel. The scientific claims mostly revolved around the powerful cleaning agents that help to maintain the cleanliness of key fuel system components and protect them from performance-robbing deposits.​

Most of these key fuel system components were on display in the Science Booth where students could at close quarters see the difference between components treated with Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology and those treated with normal Diesel. "The difference is startling - it's so amazing to see how a clogged injector can be a major differentiator in engine performance", said Faith Kavishe, a young BioTechnology graduate from the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Demetrio Mowes, Vivo Energy Namibia's Product Quality Lead - an Engineer himself was on hand to lend assistance in explaining the finer details of the product to students. "I feel privileged to be part of such eye-opening research findings. Imparting knowledge is key to economic development”, said Demetrio. 

students on dynaflex technology

Henrick Wilckens, a Scientist that has worked for 25 years at Shell, had this to say, "I have conducted product training and demonstrations in so many countries but nothing comes close to what I have experienced here in Windhoek today. The level of interest from the students is so refreshing and just again reinforces my belief in research and development".

"I have conducted product training and demonstrations in so many countries but nothing comes close to what I have experienced here in Windhoek today".  ~ Henrick Wilckens, Shell: Research & Development

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