Shell provides energy in a responsible way, for example by working to protect the marine environment in which our offshore exploration activity takes place. Whether we are preparing to conduct a seismic survey or to drill a well, we start by commissioning an independent impact assessment. This assesses any potential environmental and human consequences of the activity.

The activity itself is conducted in line with Namibian regulations and strict international environmental standards that Shell applies to all its companies around the world, and to joint ventures where Shell is the operator. These standards cover areas such as dealing with waste, preventing spills into water and preserving biodiversity.

In marketing and distributing Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, Shell’s licensee Vivo Energy Namibia expresses its commitment to protecting the environment by:

  • developing energy resources, products, services, practices and policies that reduce the company’s impact on the environment
  • educating local communities and helping them to adopt behaviours that will safeguard the environment and improve energy efficiency

Vivo’s initiatives in this area include:

  • energy source transformation projects at Retail sites to clean energy (solar);
  • working with local authorities for inclusive waste management approaches;
  • reducing the use of plastic at retail sites;
  • reducing roadside litter for cleaner roads; and
  • mitigating the impact of environmental problems (e.g. drought adaptation initiatives).

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