The first step in this capacity enhancement process was an assessment of the roles and responsibilities of key players within the Upstream Oil & Gas sector in Namibia and the capacity and competencies of the Upstream Oil & Gas Regulatory Body in Namibia.

This was a participatory process initiated by Shell which engaged a wide range of stakeholders, and generated consensus on a number of recommended interventions as well as a plan of action to take them forward.

A taskforce was established in 2015 to review, guide and oversee the implementation of these interventions. This body is chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). The taskforce membership includes the Petroleum Affairs Directorate in MME, the Petroleum Exploration and Production Division of the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia, the Petroleum Training and Education Fund, the Namibian Energy Institute and the Namibian Petroleum Operators Association.

This core taskforce is given institutional support by a number of government agencies and ministries, including Finance, Environment, Maritime Affairs and Labour.

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