Safety is the top priority across Shell’s operations, on and offshore. A huge amount of training and work goes in to ensuring that we can achieve “Goal Zero” in offshore operations – that is, zero harm to people and no leaks into the environment. Our deep-water wells must meet rigorous design and construction standards and we use sensors to monitor the wells in real time. This allows engineers and geologists in onshore operations centres around the world to identify any potential risks and respond immediately. Shell’s engineers also undergo several years’ additional training in deep-water exploration and recovery. The company runs programmes globally to ensure high standards of health and safety, emergency response procedures and technical operations.

Onshore, we pay particular attention to road safety, which is a significant concern in Namibia, with high levels of road accidents, injuries and fatalities. For instance, we run defensive driver training sessions with many of the organisations we work with, to introduce participants to basic safe-driving rules and techniques. 

Safety is also the top priority of our licensee Vivo Energy Namibia, which markets and distributes Shell-branded fuels and lubricants. The company places a strong emphasis on process safety wherever it operates (such as at service stations and LPG filling plants), and invests significantly in training, technology and best practices in transport safety. Another key focus for Vivo is to ensure that the company’s contracted partners share the same safety focus and compliance.

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