Participating group, on race track

After a course attended by some of Shell Namibia’s key stakeholders, a follow-up session was organised to share what we’d learned, and how our driving behaviour had changed since taking part.

“I insist my passengers wear seatbelts, now I know the hazard they present if not wearing one in a collision.”

“I always put my phone on silent now.”

“I plan trips to avoid driving when I am tired and other road users are tired, like on Friday evenings.”

“Although I have done similar training before, I still surprised myself this time with the issue of braking distances – they are much greater than one expects.”

Road safety is a major issue in Namibia with high levels of road accidents, injuries and fatalities in the country. Shell has a deep commitment and expertise that is extended through training courses to Namibian stakeholders, and funding of selected initiatives of road safety agencies in the country.

Defensive Driving training introduces participants to basic safe-driving rules and techniques.

Listening to accounts of what participating in a course means on a personal level is very encouraging when we see how the ripples spread far beyond us as individuals, to our colleagues, families, friends and communities.

Shell Namibia Country Chairman Dennis Zekveld emphasised the value of intervention during a feedback session with training course participants. We have all realised that when it comes to safety, we mustn’t be shy, or hesitate, knowing how a constructive intervention may truly save a life.

As one participant put it: “I am totally convinced of the importance of wearing a seatbelt and find ways of educating my passengers so that they can see it too”.

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